Thursday, October 14, 2010

Known Luzerne County Land Snails

Carnegie Museum Curator Tim Pearce recently recompiled distribution maps of land snail species by county in Pennsylvania. My own county, Luzerne County, was among the least represented with less than 15 known species. So that's exciting in a way as now my information will be pretty valuable. Already I know a couple species that I've found aren't on the map. The pdf of distribution can be found at:

Here is the list of known species in Luzerne County:
Arion subfuscus
Discus catskillensis
Euchemotrema fraternum
Helicodiscus parallelus
Neohelix albolabris
Novisuccinea ovalis
Pallifera dorsalis
Ventridens intertextus
Zonitoides arboreus
Zonitoides nitidus

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  1. Kevin, you seem to be the slug & snail go-to guy. This kid just filmed a slug that I'll call the Star Wars slug. I like my creepy crawlies in an amateur way but I've never seen one of these ever. Maybe you can identify this little creature from New Jersey at the end of the video.