Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Anguispira alternata : Flamed Tigersnail

I'm fairly sure this is Anguispira alternata, the Flamed Tigersnail. This fellow is pretty dull compared to some of the photos I've seen online but Pilsbry mentions the snail being duller in late seasons. I found this fellow along with a couple of empty Polygyrid shells near a fallen tree at Ricketts Glen State Park (still just barely in my own county). I tried using Pilsbry to get it to subspecies/form but couldn't do it. Maybe down the road when I'm more knowledgeable I'll be able to go back to this guy and accomplish that task.

This specimen has a width of 18.1mm and height of 8.6mm.

Range map from Land Snails of Limestone Communities and Update of Land Snail Distributions in Pennsylvania (Pearce) with my own county added to range (in orange). Formerly unknown to Luzerne County.

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  1. Anguispira alternata is good enough. Some shells are more keeled than others, but whether that represents a specific variety is anybody's guess.