Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pupoides albilabris : White-lip Dagger

Found: Under debris along the railroad tracks, Salt Point, Lansing, NY, Nov. 2001
Sympatric: Gastrocopta armifera, Pupilla muscorum, Vallonia costata, Vallonia excentrica/pulchella, Hygromia striolata

Working on macrophotography for the microsnails. Right now just trying to handle magnification, that's why the lighting is less than wonderful in these photos. This little fella measures 4.45mm (shell height), still on the large size of the snails I want to photograph. These are crops taken with a reversed lens on an dslr where the snail's height took up about 50% of frame height.


  1. Kevin, nice pics. What dslr allows you to reverse the lens?

  2. You can reverse the lens on any camera. In this case I'm reversing a 24mm-85mm zoom lens on a 180mm lens using a coupler. It's better to reverse a prime lens but this is what I had available at the time. You can also use specific couplers to reverse just the lens. I made a makeshift lens using a pringles can and a reversed 50mm.The setup magnified a 3mm Pupilla Muscorum to fill my dslr sensor (about 24mm), I would just have to handle light leaks and internal flare. Still, it's just not a very practical setup.

  3. My email is and I'm inquiring about how to purchase one of these snails. I have a few that I found in my woods in upstate NY that are now my pets. I would love if you could tell me how to purchase these. Thanks