Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Seeking info

If anyone who reads or happens on this blog I'm putting out notice that I'm seeking a pdf or photocopy of the following:

Patterson, C. M. 1971. Taxonomic studies of the land snail family Succineidae. Malacological Review, 4: 131-202.

Hubrricht's 1958 taxonomic description of Triodopsis picea 

UPDATE: Vagvolgi lumps Triodopsis picea and Triodopsis fraudulenta fraudulenta (or Triodopsis tridenta fraudulenta) together into Triodopsis fraudulenta in his 1968 Systematics and evolution of the genus Triodopsis so maybe there is no real Triodopsis picea... I don't know.

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  1. If Hubricht's paper was published in the Nautilus, you can find it in the Biodiversity Heritage Library:
    I have a paper copy of Patterson's article, but no pdf. Sorry.