Friday, December 3, 2010

Still Trying to Solve my Micro Snail

A couple posts back I believed I had a Valloniidae species. A little more research brought me to where I think I found the true identity. The photo shows my snail sized to match the one I found on the Land Snails of Wisconsin website. Ladies and gentleman, I believe it is an immature Striatura exigua, common name: Ribbed Striate.

Okay, it doesn't have as many whorls, but that's where I think it could be immature. Striatura exigua is supposed to have a 2.3mm diameter, while, as I mentioned in the Valloniidae post, this snail's diameter is 1.7mm.

I'll post more later as I continue to research but most of my time right now is focused on getting the next version of my iphone app, birdcountr, ready for sale.

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